Blue Funk - 6

She slid onto his lap smoothly, lowering herself slowly to ease him in.

They were one. There were words that tried in vain to describe such a union in its full glory but they always fell short of the truth. Skin on skin they melded together, only feeling apart when their lungs pushed them away. They danced now, the way the birds waltzed with the wind, tantalisingly close to the ground yet just a hair’s breadth from the sky. Colours exploded in the corners of his mind as she led him deeper into her mystery, her hand gripping the back of his neck with the caress of the wind swaying the trees. She was his goddess now, and he was her salvation.


She wasn’t right, she wasn’t wrong either. Her existence was a question, a realm of realities dividing what she was to the human she loved. Her skin was softer than those of his kind yet the horns on her head lied to the world about an evil rumoured about. She knew that not all men were demons, but all demons were men, and she was neither, her visage and the hue of her body misleading. She breathed him in as they moved, together and against each other, her mind painting vivid pictures as her eyes stayed closed. He filled her within, pulsating and invigorating, insinuating the honesty of how she really felt for him. Her freckles did nothing to hide the blue blood that darkened her cheeks, a soft sigh escaping her parted lips before she could stop it.


He never thought the day would come. When he found her between the mirror and the image beyond, the only thing he felt was a need. Now, feeling engulfed by her spirit, he felt so alive. She bit down on his lip, making him gasp, biting back in turn. The colours in his mind ran from red to blue, to green to yellow, back again, brush strokes making images with every stroke between them. He saw worlds apart, stars dotting the journey as his ecstasy took him to the sun and back again. His hands reached up behind her, tangling his fingers in the drops of Jupiter in her hair, slowly pulling her head back so he could place his lips on her neck.


The air escaped her lungs in such a rush she took in another deep breath just feel it again. There it was again, the pair of lips marking his territory on the skin she wanted him to explore so much. She swam in deep waters, calm, all-encompassing, suffocating. She needed to breathe but at the same time, she didn’t want to stop this feeling. She moved faster now, catching a rhythm that matched their heart beat, only opening her eyes slightly just to see him again. She watched his chiselled face, the short stubble that made her skin tingle whenever they kissed, his eyes shut tight against the ecstasy. She smiled as she ran her claws softly down his back, just enough to sting, watching him bite his lips. 


They were drenched in sweat now, the coolness of the room doing nothing to the heat between them. He whispered sweet nothings into her ears, making her sigh and mumble back. His hands knew her like a fond memory thrice remembered, never the same when he came back again. He talked to her, the way the sun spoke to the oceans, the way the moon would lead the water back and forth in a constant dance. He talked to her, the way songs spoke to the listener, the way colours spoke to the artist. She was not of the same world as he, yet here they were, abstract and irrevocably true, the sheets on his bed wrapped around their legs like they were part of their dance. They were real, and they reached heaven together, her voice pealing out in the silence between them.

When his eyes opened to the harsh sunlight, he was alone. 


She never let him see her leave because she could never stand the pain in his eyes. She would be back again that night, he knew. He knew it as certainly as her soft skin was blue to match the horns on her temples. He knew it as certain as the reflection staring back him from the mirror, his mind floating in thoughts and a blue funk.